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fade-leftfade-rightDr. Joe Vitale

fade-leftfade-rightDr. Sue Morter

fade-leftfade-rightKaren Curry

fade-leftfade-rightSusan Taylor Shier

fade-leftfade-rightRichard Gordon

fade-leftfade-rightBrent Phillips

fade-leftfade-rightDr. Margaret Paul

fade-leftfade-rightBrad Yates

fade-leftfade-rightNorm Shealy

fade-leftfade-rightJill Mattson

fade-leftfade-rightLisa Barnett

fade-leftfade-rightKrystalya Marie'

fade-leftfade-rightRena Greenberg

fade-leftfade-rightMarcy Neumann

fade-leftfade-rightVandana Atara Aura

fade-leftfade-rightJean Slatter

fade-leftfade-rightJunie Moon

fade-leftfade-rightBenjamin Bernstein

fade-leftfade-rightDebbi Dachinger

fade-leftfade-rightSvava Brooks

fade-leftfade-rightJean Logan

fade-leftfade-rightSridhar Silberfein

fade-leftfade-rightLinda Hall

fade-leftfade-rightKaryn Kulenovic

fade-leftfade-rightMa-Sarada Priya

fade-leftfade-rightHarrison Klein

fade-leftfade-rightTom Paladino

fade-leftfade-rightRev. Patricia Cagganello

fade-leftfade-rightKate Safa

fade-leftfade-rightMichelle Skaletski-Boyd

fade-leftfade-rightKen Elliot

fade-leftfade-rightSheila Gillette

fade-leftfade-rightLeanne Venier

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What People Are Saying About Past Seasons...

Thank you for all the Inspiration Received from Soul Speak 3!

PLEASE make this online event available for purchase - PLEASE! And thank you so much for doing Soul Speak in the first place. I, and many others,
really appreciate all you have done and continue to do each season!

The Soul Speak series was excellent. I like myself much better already! Thank you again, and again!

I still use mantras, affirmations and practices I learned daily, feeling more spiritually connected and taking time to notice God's presence in my life as a result of participating in Soul Speak.
You are a blessing and an angel Sheldon!

I'm very thankful to whomever led me to this wonderful community. I learned something new and I love it and truly enjoy your shows and the amazing guests. Thank you!

Soul Speak is the best series I have ever been a part of! Thank you.

What Past Season Experts Are Saying...

Sheldon is a remarkable host; he cares about his listeners and draws the best out of his guests. He's one of the best interviewers I've ever worked with.

Dr. Joe Vitale
Multiple Best-Selling Author and Star of "The Secret" Speaker, Songwriter Creator of Miracles Coaching The Awakened Millionaire Academy

As a listener, he's wonderful at bringing interesting speakers and healers to help uplift and inspire his audiences. I highly recommend Sheldon.

Michelle Manning-Kogler: Author, Speaker, and Founder Quantum Soul Clearing - Healing the Scars Life Leaves on the Soul

I have very high standards for the "virtual stages" where I share my message and being hosted for one of Sheldon Pizzinat's events, I would most definitely say yes to again!

Amethyst Wyldfyre: Empress of Empowerment, Medicine Woman & Master Mentor

Sheldon is the real deal. He genuinely cares about the spiritual development of the people he encounters and has a curiosity that's infectious. I've been in this business for a long time and it's rare to find someone so consistently loving and kind. He is here to change the world one loving moment at a time.

Reverend Elvia Roe

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